biofeedback_relaxationMed biofeedback «speiler» man kroppens indre prosesser og trener på å ta styringen i større grad. Du sitter avslappet i en god stol mens kroppsprosesser som puls, pust, perspirasjon, muskel­spenninger og hjernesvingninger måles og vises på en skjerm. Slik ser du umiddelbart hva som skjer inni deg, og kan sammen med din biofeedbackterapeut trene på å kontrollere prosessene med bevisstheten. Biofeedback har et solid forskningsgrunnlag.

Biofeedback er en fysisk og direkte inngangsport for å oppnå kroppsbevissthet, avspenning, ro og tilstedeværelse i kropp og sinn.

Biofeedback med Justyna Laskowska

I am a Norwegian-authorized psychologist and a certified biofeedback therapist. I strongly believe in the wisdom of our body. When everything is in order it has natural ability to heal and maintain good health and sense of well-being. We feel relaxed; have no problems with sleeping or digesting. But if we are under a lot of stress the natural ability of our body to regenerate is impaired. If we cannot successfully manage stress, the entire neurochemical balance is shaken. We feel it instantly: we are getting tense, we cannot divert our attention from recurring thoughts or worries, we have trouble sleeping and eating and we are just not happy and can’t enjoy life. But there are also changes taking place on a deeper, more hidden level. Our immune responses are hindered, making us prone to infections and our body gets into a state or neurochemical imbalance. Some take relaxation or yoga classes others try meditation or exercise. Those are all effective ways to deal with the symptoms. But we believe the best way of keeping our body at balance is to teach ourselves the skill to self-regulate – without relying on external factors. That’s the idea behind biofeedback.

sleepYou are sitting relaxed in a comfortable chair while a number of sensors are measuring your brain activity or skin temperature, heart rate, skin conductance or muscle tension. The readings from the sensors are displayed to you on a monitor. That information gives you insight into how your body works internally. This insight allows you to learn the skill of regulating your internal balance. It’s a lot like learning to ride a bike. You can try to prepare for it mentally but can only learn the skill once you get on a bike and try to maintain balance. A small part of your inner ear, called the labyrinth, is sending you real-time feedback about your balance so that you know when you are losing balance and you can quickly correct your position. Over time you learn to self-regulate your balance without thinking about it. Biofeedback works the same way but with other type of information. You learn to voluntary enter any state of mind which gives you the ability to change how you respond to stress and eventually to self-regulate the internal balance of your body and mind.

Biofeedback is not something that is done to you. You are always in control. Biofeedback is meant to give you real-time information about what is going on in your body and mind. It is up to you to do something about it and learn to regulate your state of mind. The therapist is there to help you and provide support, encouragement and time-proven advice. Biofeedback is a tool which you can use to teach yourself useful skills to deal with stress in your life and maintain a healthy balance.